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pc蛋蛋每十期的规律:The change of executives

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内容摘要: When theinsurancefunds were all trying to catch up with the pension fund, the Taiping Fund was busy carrying out changes in the senior mana...

When the insurance funds were all trying to catch up with the pension fund, the Taiping Fund was busy carrying out changes in the senior management.

Recently, Taiping Fund announced that the company's general manager Song Xiaolong left for personal reasons, the company's chairman Tang Haitao took the position of general manager. When the scale of insurance assets is growing, the development of fund subsidiaries is also receiving much attention. Taiping Fund is a company that was renamed after Taiping Assets acquired 66% of Zhongying Yingshi Fund. The actual controller is China Taiping Insurance Group Co., Ltd.

Department of Insurance executives to take over

Previously, as China's insurance industry through mergers and acquisitions for the first time the absolute control of a public offering fund precedent, former Taiping Insurance Group was renamed the Central Plains to the BP fund has brought new life line. August 2016, the insurance department fund was officially launched, in addition to changed its name, almost the original company's management changed over. Among them, Tang Haitao's new chairman, at the same time, became the legal representative of the company. The original chairman Zhou Xiaoquan left the post, Song Xiaolong's new general manager, and Jin Fang's new deputy general manager. Since then, the equity structure of Taiping Fund has become: Taiping Asset Management Co., Ltd. accounted for 70.04%, Zhongyuan Securities , and Anshi Investment Management Co., Ltd. respectively accounted for 14.98%.

According to the collocation at the time, the senior management of Taiping Fund was very reasonable. Because Xiao - Long Song has a background in the fund industry, he worked in October 1999 to September 2012, served as Wells Fargo Funds Management Limited IT project manager, senior researcher, fund managers, fund managers and general manager of equity investment department ; October 2012 to August 2016, he served as deputy general manager Chang Xin Asset management Co., Ltd. .

and chairman Tang Haitao insurance background can not be underestimated. Former Bank of Communications Co., Ltd. Harbin Branch deputy director of accounting operations center, settlement accounting senior manager, Daqing Branch of Bank of Communications Co., Ltd. party secretary, President; General Manager of Pacific Asset Management Limited Market, North project Division General Manager, General Manager of product development; Taiping pension Insurance Co., Ltd. Chief investment Officer and other positions.

The strong alliance between Tang Haitao and Song Xiaolong means that the Taiping Fund should embark on a new rise. However, it does not seem to capture good development opportunities. In terms of product layout, since its renamed the Taiping Fund, in just over a year, only two funds have been launched, namely a money fund and a hybrid fund . This time, Taiping Fund chose to replace the strategic layout of senior insurance executives.

The slow growth of the scale

According to public information, the renamed Taiping Fund was completed in August 2016. In the first quarter of this year, the management scale was RMB 11.795 billion. The other China Life Insurance Fund, which belongs to the insurance department, relied on the assets background of China Life Insurance . It was established less than 5 years ago and the scale has grown substantially. It has now exceeded 150 billion yuan.

According to statistics, at the end of the fourth quarter of 2016, it was also the first quarter after the Taiping Fund was officially renamed. The total fund size has increased from 0.09 billion yuan to 15.165 billion yuan, and the scale has achieved huge growth. The annual total scale growth rate ranked first. However, in the following year or so, the development of the Taiping Fund was in an ups and downs. At the end of the fourth quarter of last year, the scale did not increase, but decreased by 3.762 billion yuan.

Currently Taiping Fund has 5 funds and 5 fund managers. Of the 5 products that are few in number, there are only 2 equity products, one of which is managed by Dugu Nanxun and Liang Peng.

The reporter noticed that since the founding of the Taiping Fund, there have been three fund managers who left the company. At least, only three fund managers were appointed. The longest period of service did not exceed three years, and the average length of service was 1.1 years. However, this seems to be a common problem for small and medium-sized fund companies such as Anxin, Debang and other small and medium-sized fund companies that rank lower. The average fund manager's working time does not exceed 1.5 years.

From the perspective of the fund managers hired this year, Pan Li and Wu Chao both managed fixed-income products. With the tight supervision of money funds, the scale increase has become a dilemma for the development of many small fund companies.

this development is limited because of the size, the ability to attract talent is not strong Pacific Fund, it does not seem to force layout in equity products, only the first public fund equity products featured in Taiping reform dividend issued after the renamed Pacific Fund Mixed, only 219 million yuan remains at present, and Liang Peng is responsible for the management. The meaning of existence of the fund is rather special, it is only the first Pacific equity fund products, the end of the scale fund-raising nearly 300 million yuan. There is an equity fund Pacific flexible configuration, the current size of 1.548 billion yuan in the industry, the entire Pacific Fund currently rely on the funds in support pillars.

recent bond market risk-prone, many debt-based performance be affected, but quite radical behavioral Pacific Fund, made a select a new bond fund , will depend on whether the next largest shareholder background advantages to consider layout equity products, so as to enhance the scale, as of press time before reporters, Pacific Fund said that inconvenient to reply.

an industry source declined to be named told the "International Finance" reporter, small fund company or scale-based, neither the scale nor the cost, it is difficult to recruit high-level investment research team to improve performance.

In recent years, rapid growth up times new base CICC do without the help Bank , Insurance, and the overall size to the rapid expansion.

small and medium sized fund company in South China an interview with reporters, said shareholders of small and medium sized fund companies also to many banks, brokerages based, support good development with shareholders are inseparable, but in the final analysis, blacksmith need its own hardware, raised fund development of the company is good or bad, always with good performance, customer service and the ability to closely control the wind, only to provide quality customer service, has been recognized by the market, in order to truly improve their brand awareness.

A Beijing fund industry official said in an interview with reporters that long-term or rely on performance, poor performance, is to go on the scale or to fall, but in the short term must have a certain scale of income in order to maintain survival, ability to retain talent, after all Good long-term performance depends on talent.





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